Classification Guidelines

Classification Guidelines

The following guidelines have been created to classify the ‘55, ‘56 & ‘57 Chevrolets into five categories. These five categories are an effort to keep like vehicles together in categories of their own. This classification system is designed so that only vehicles that are similar with each other will be competing for the participant’s vote within each of those categories


The Classics in this class will have no changes other than those listed in the ‘note’ below. They will be restored or un-restored and the paint must be an original color for its year (does not have to match cowl tag, because we are not getting into detail).


Classics in this class have 1 to 3 changes in the categories listed below


Classics in this class have 4 or 5 changes in the categories listed below


Classics in this class have 6 or more changes in the categories listed below


The addition of stanchions, ropes, mirrors, elevated wheels or a canopy to enhance the display of your classic will qualify your classic in this category.


Engine & Transmission

Any item in, on, attached to or removed from the eng/trans that was not on the factory eng/trans is a change. In addition, a replacement eng/trans, not available for your year/model Chevy, is a change.

Wheels – Any wheel other than an original-style wheel or hubcap for that model is a change. For example, if you have a Bel Air, a hubcap from a 210- body style is a change.

Color or Paint

 Any pin striping, scallops, or non-original color for the year and model is a change. If the car was originally black and white, and you paint it red and white (using the correct colors for the year), then it will not be counted as a change. However, a Chevy painted fuchsia is a change, since that was not a color offered in any of the three years.


Tinting or etching of windows are changes; also, the elimination of the wing vent is a glass change


A change to the steering is a change. For example, the addition of power steering


Each individual interior modification will be counted as one change:




Non-Original Paint

Chromed Reveal Molding



Steering Wheel

Floor Shift/Console


Each individual body modification will be counted as one change.
Note: in order to make classification and voting easier, we have elected not to look at certain changes because they are modern conveniences or safety items. Trunks and undercarriages are not considered, along with:


Radial Tires


Stereo Radio/CB

Air Conditioning

Disc Brakes

Fire Extinguishers

These guidelines are subject to review and change by the classification committee, whose decision is final.